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We accomplish our mission by training our canine partners and human owners in basic obedience techniques all the way up to working dog tasks.

Basic In-Home

  • 3-week course that teaches sit, stay, come, down, and heel on leash.
  • Our basic on-leash program will also deal with problematic behaviors such as barging out the door for walks, jumping on people, and mouthing.
  • Our basic in-home program will take your dog through all phases of training where they feel most comfortable, in their home.
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Advanced in-home

  • Our advanced package is a 3 week program that is designed for dogs that have already completed the basic course.
  • The advanced program teaches sit, stay, come, down, and heel on and off leash. This program will also work on problem behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, pulling, and mouthing.
  • This program is the bridge owners are looking for that gives them the confidence to work with their pet through problems of day to day life with ease!
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Board and train

  • Board and train includes leaving your dog at the facility for the first 2-3 weeks to learn the basic commands, develop a better social understanding around other dogs, and so much more!
  • The dogs get kenneled at night but have a play area and are walked several times a day.
  • This includes 3 lessons a day and the owner gets daily pictures and updates and how things are going.
  • Daily or extended stay boarding while you are away is allowed!
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Behavior modifications

  • When a dog exhibits a behavior that is problematic to the family, the dog may have to stay at the facility to be corrected.
  • Behavior mods focus on specific behavioral problems that can be resolved in home. For example; fearfulness, dominance aggression, resource guarding, marking, and more.
  • Minimal obedience training will be introduced.
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search and rescue


  • We teach trailing and open-air scent work for search and rescue teams or volunteer organizations.
  • This is a 13 week training program which is begun shortly after purchase of the dog.
  • A week long annual remedial training session included free of charge.
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puppy lessons

  • For dogs under 1 years old; this is where we develop good social habits and build their confidence and understanding of the world around them.
  • This program also focuses on teaching owners about how dogs socially interact with each other and what behaviors are ok and what is not ok.
  • This is especially important as it lays the foundation for the dogs development and forward learning potential.
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Getting a new puppy is an exciting and overwhelming feeling. If you are overwhelmed, don’t wait till there’s a problem to hire a trainer. Call today and lay a solid foundation for success!