advanced in-home training (off-leash)

this program includes:

Improved Focus Skills
Decreased Bad Behavior
Command Obediance
Trained Attentiveness
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Beau’s K-9 Academy’s Off-Leash In-Home Program is a great step to take after your dog has completed the On-Leash In-Home Program.  Your dog needs to understand the basic commands and be able to effectively perform them in the home and your neighborhood before venturing out to new environments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Advanced In-Home Training is an off-leash training program that focuses on building confidence in dogs and their owners for outdoor activities like hiking and beach outings. It ensures that dogs can be trusted to stay within sight and respond reliably in various environments.

This program includes advanced off-leash training, targeting problem behaviors like jumping, counter surfing, excessive barking, and barging through doors. It builds upon the basic commands learned in the On-Leash In-Home Program.

Participants receive copies of commands, an e-collar with a class on its maintenance and usage, a free clicker, and ongoing support with free calls and follow-up lessons for the dog’s lifespan.

This program is perfect for outdoorsy individuals who want to include their dogs in their adventures. It’s suitable for dogs that have already completed basic on-leash training and are ready to advance to off-leash skills.

The program focuses on reinforcing commands and behaviors that ensure the dog’s safety and reliability in outdoor settings. It emphasizes training that builds trust between the dog and the owner in various environments.

Beau’s K9 Academy recommends that dogs first complete the On-Leash In-Home Program to understand basic commands effectively before moving on to the Advanced In-Home Training for off-leash skills.

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