facility puppy program

Improved Focus Skills
Decreased Bad Behavior
Command Obediance
Trained Attentiveness
dog training in new jersey

Puppy development is a crucial point to the success of a well mannered happy adult dog. Understanding how to get your pup there and watching out for signs of bad manners and temperaments are a great start! Contact us today for availabilities and start bridging that gap!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Facility Puppy Program is a group class training program designed to build confidence in puppies and develop their focus in public situations. It is conducted over a four-week period at our facility.

The program covers essential aspects of puppy training, including house-breaking, crate training, proper dog and human socialization, confidence building in different environments, and the beginning stages of basic commands.

This program is ideal for new puppy owners, especially first-timers or those who haven’t had a puppy in several years. It’s suitable for families looking for structured group classes to help their puppies develop in a social setting.

Group classes provide an opportunity for puppies to interact with other dogs and people, enhancing their socialization skills. It also helps puppies learn to focus and behave in public situations with distractions.

The program is tailored to help puppies overcome challenges like busy roads, loud noises, and large crowds, which are common in New Jersey. It prepares puppies to adapt to various environments confidently.

Early training is crucial for developing a well-mannered, happy adult dog. The program emphasizes the importance of recognizing signs of bad manners and temperaments early on and addressing them effectively.

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