private lesson behavior modification

Improved Focus Skills
Decreased Bad Behavior
Command Obediance
Trained Attentiveness
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Having a seasoned trainer with experience training a multitude of breeds will help you solve seemingly impossible issues quickly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Private Lesson Behavior Modification program is an in-home training solution designed to address specific behavioral problems such as over-barking, destructive tendencies, and aggression towards people at the front door.

The program includes minimal obedience training tailored to address specific behavioral issues. It focuses on modifying unwanted behaviors through targeted training techniques.

This program is ideal for dog owners facing challenges with specific behavioral problems in their dogs, which might seem difficult to manage or resolve.

The program offers free follow-up lessons for the entire lifespan of the dog, ensuring long-term support and assistance in maintaining the desired behavior changes.

We employ seasoned trainers with experience in training a multitude of breeds, ensuring that they can effectively address and solve a wide range of behavioral issues.

In-home training allows for a more personalized approach, addressing the dog’s behavior in its own environment. This can lead to more effective and quicker resolution of the issues.

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