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Beau’s K9 Academy, LLC is a multifaceted dog training business based out of New Jersey. We utilize programs and training strategies that are results driven and backed by several years of professional dog training and handling experience.

Some of my professional experience includes working as a bomb dog handler for a private security company and obtaining a master dog trainer certification through Highland Canine Dog Training, LLC; located in Harmony, North Carolina.

OUR mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between how we, as humans, perceive the world around us and how our canine partners see it.

Beau’s K9 Academy does this by building meaningful bonds with our pets and teaching pet owners how animals perceive their own environment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Great question! Program prices vary depending on the program and if a behavior modification is needed.  For pet training services the range of prices can go from $500.00 to $5,000.00

Yes of course! If you are looking for a refresher or just want to know a tip in your own training progress we offer free individual lessons that don’t come with a program cost.

Beau’s K-9 Academy uses science-proven and field-tested balanced training methods.  We use what’s best for your dog’s success and will also build a plan according to your dog’s needs and training goals.

We train all breeds of dogs from tea-cup poodles to Great Danes!  All dogs are welcome at BK9A.

We recommend that people enroll in our puppy development courses as early as possible to take advantage of that crucial state of 8 to 16 weeks when the pups are the most impressionable.  Getting professional help at this young age significantly lowers the risk of bad behaviors forming and causing problems later on in the training pipeline!

That answer depends on the reason for training.  If your dog is scared of new places, we recommend in-facility training since we cover the problem for the call in the training. 

We provide a wide range of dog training services including basic and advanced in-home training, board and train programs, behavior modification, search and rescue training, puppy lessons, and more!

Beau’s K9 Academy is located at 19 Harpoon St. Beachwood, NJ 08722.

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“Paul is a great trainer and someone who obviously loves dogs very much. He is very friendly, intelligent and really knows what he is doing.”


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