basic board-and-train

The basic board-and-train program lasts three weeks.

this program includes:

Improved Focus Skills
Decreased Bad Behavior
Command Obediance
Trained Attentiveness
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Most dogs might already know some of the commands or maybe even all of them, but we will teach them that it is not a option to listen and build their excitement to work with the handler during the process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The basic board-and-train program lasts three weeks and includes training in commands such as sit, down, stay, heel, come, and place, all on leash. It also addresses problem behaviors like pulling on the leash, jumping, and more. The program provides a prong collar, leash, private lessons, and free follow-up lessons for the dog’s life.

Yes, the basic board-and-train program is ideal for dogs who have had little to no previous professional dog training. It focuses on teaching essential commands and correcting common behavioral issues.

Dogs staying at Beau’s K9 Academy for the board-and-train program enjoy a climate-controlled secure space with 24/7 supervision. They also get to interact with other dogs, visit the beach, and go on hikes on local trails.

Owners need to provide enough food for the dog’s stay, an updated copy of their vaccinations, and any necessary medications. Discounts are available for families with multiple dogs, military veterans, first responders, shelters, and rescues.

The academy’s experienced trainers work closely with each dog, ensuring they understand and respond to commands. The training is about obedience and building the dog’s excitement and willingness to work with the handler.

Yes, the program includes private lessons with trainers to help owners get comfortable with the commands and the training process, ensuring a smooth transition when the dog returns home.

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