Signs You May Be in the Market For Dog Aggression Training in NJ

Signs You May Be in the Market For Dog Aggression Training in NJ

While no one likes to think ill of their four-legged best friend, you need to be honest with yourself if they exhibit aggressive behavior. If not addressed, it can progress from a simple growl or snarl to a dog bite. To prevent the heartbreak and legal liability a dog bite can cause, enroll your canine in dog aggression training in NJ to correct their behavior. Doing this at the first sign of aggression is the best thing you can do for your dog and everyone they meet. Here are a couple of common types of aggression and the tell-tale signs there is a problem.  

Dominant Aggression

This type of aggression typically starts with dominant behaviors that can escalate into aggressive ones if not recognized and addressed early on. They may be exhibited to people or other dogs and can include the following:

  • Blocking someone’s path
  • Barging through doors
  • Strong demand for attention
  • Putting themselves in between you and others
  • Protective of sleeping area
  • Mounting of legs or other dogs
  • Lunging at people

While these behaviors on their own may not be an issue, they should be monitored and corrected with the proper training if necessary. Allowing them to go unchecked can result in these behaviors escalating to aggression. At the first sign of any aggressive behavior increasing, it is time to consult a professional about dog aggression training in NJ.

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Fear Aggression

This type of aggression is typically exhibited by a dog that is being defensive. It can be more unpredictable than dominant aggression as the dog will display submissive behaviors. Signs of fear aggression can include:

  • Ears laid back
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Lowered head 
  • Crouched body
  • Tail tucked between legs
  • Submissive urination

It is important to note that dogs with fear aggression do not like to be touched. They may view a simple touch as an attempt to attack them and bite because they are afraid. 

Make a Trip to the Vet

When you’re not feeling well, you may want to be left alone or interact with others in a less than cordial manner. The same goes for your dog, but they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Instead, they may react badly when you try to play with them or take them for a walk. The only way to find out if the aggression is caused by a medical issue is to take your dog to the vet for a physical.  

If you are concerned about your dog’s behavior when you take them to the vet, you should first purchase a muzzle to protect the veterinary staff and your dog from the repercussions of bad behavior. If the vet finds an underlying medical condition, treatment may eliminate the aggression and the need for dog aggression training. If not, the next step is to take your dog to be evaluated by a professional dog trainer.

Choosing A Dog Trainer

When you bring home a puppy, it is important to start obedience training and socialization right away. Unfortunately, a lack of early training can often result in aggression. When adopting an adult dog, there may be something in their history, such as poor training or abuse, that manifests in aggression.

If you need dog aggression training in NJ, you don’t want to hire an average dog trainer. Your dog needs to be evaluated by a certified canine behavioral specialist. They will have the skill and experience to determine the best training method to modify their behavior and teach you how to handle them to prevent aggression.

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Professional Dog Aggression Training in NJ

At Beau’s K9 Academy, our seasoned team of trainers and specialists will be able to evaluate your dog’s behavior and create a training program to address their aggression. They will work with you and your dog to effectively modify their behavior and allow you to form the bond with them you always wanted. In addition to dog aggression training in NJ, we also offer private lessons, or you can sign your pup up for our board and train program. Our compassionate professionals are eager to help. Reach out today to get the training that your dog deserves.