Basic Obedience Dog Training – The Essentials for a Well-Behaved K9

Basic Obedience Dog Training - The Essentials for a Well-Behaved K9

Basic obedience dog training is essential for teaching a dog to become a well-behaved K9. By teaching your dog basic obedience commands, you can effectively communicate with them and help them understand what you expect from them. These commands can also help prevent bad behavior, such as jumping on people or running off when they are off the leash. Here are some essential obedience commands and why they are important.


The attention command, also known as the “look” or “watch” command, is a crucial foundation for all other basic obedience dog training. It helps your dog focus on you and enables you to give them other commands. 

Teach this command by calling your dog by name and holding up a treat. If this doesn’t produce the desired result, try holding the treat closer to your face. This will encourage your dog to look at you. Eventually, the treat won’t be necessary for your dog to obey the command.


The “come” command is perhaps one of the most important obedience commands you can teach your dog. It allows you to recall your dog to you in any situation, whether they are off-leash or distracted by something else. 

Teaching this command also starts with a treat but make it something your dog really likes. Let your dog see the treat. Once they are focused on it, give the command. When your dog reaches you, praise them before giving them their reward. You can start this training with your dog on a short leash, making it longer until you take them off the leash.


The “sit” command is a basic obedience dog training command that is easy for dogs to learn and appropriate in many situations. It’s a good starting point for other commands and can be used as a default command when your dog is unsure what to do.

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Don’t put the treats away yet. Hold the treat above your dog’s head, making them look up. Slowly move the treat backward. As they follow it with their eyes. their butt should naturally end up on the floor. Be sure to praise your dog before giving up the treat.


The “down” command is a valuable obedience command that can be used in various situations, such as when you want your dog to stop jumping or when you want them to relax in a specific location.

Begin teaching this command with your dog sitting. Hold a treat near their nose and move it down to the ground. As they follow it with their nose, their front legs should naturally fall to the ground. Be sure to praise your dog and give them the treat as soon as they are in the down position.


The “stay” command is another important command in basic obedience dog training. This command helps your dog understand that they must stay in a specific location until you release them.

To train your dog to stay, start by having them sit or lay down. Hold out your hand with the palm facing your dog and give the command. Take a small step back and wait a few seconds before releasing your dog. Gradually increase the length of time your dog stays until they become more comfortable with the command.


The “heel” command is essential for dog owners who take their dogs on walks or runs. It tells your dog to walk or run by your side, rather than pulling on the leash or darting ahead.

Begin training your dog to heel while they are on the leash. Give the command when you begin walking. If your dog starts to pull ahead, stop walking and wait until they return to your side before continuing. As your dog gets used to walking at your side, you can gradually decrease the use of the command until it is no longer needed.


The “off” command is used to tell your dog to stop jumping or climbing on something. It is an important obedience command that can help prevent accidents and protect your dog and your belongings.

Use this command when your dog is on an object that they shouldn’t be, such as the couch or bed. Start by using a treat to lure them or gently guide them while giving the command. Be sure to praise your dog and give them the treat as soon as they are off the object.

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The “no” command is a crucial part of basic obedience dog training. This command helps your dog understand when they are doing something wrong. It is important to use this command consistently and only in situations where your dog is engaging in unwanted behavior.

To teach this command, simply say “no” in a firm voice whenever your dog is doing something you don’t want them to do, such as chewing on something they shouldn’t be. It is important to also provide an alternative behavior for your dog, such as giving them a chew toy. As your dog becomes accustomed to the command, it will be unnecessary to provide an alternative.

Need Help with Basic Obedience Dog Training?

Professional dog training can be beneficial for you and your dog. An experienced dog trainer can teach your dog these basic commands and more. Proper training can help to ensure your pooch is well-behaved and provides a solid foundation for a rewarding relationship for both of you.

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