How to Rock Your Walk: The Benefits of Dog Walking, Tips and Tricks

How to Rock Your Walk: The Benefits of Dog Walking, Tips and Tricks

Exercise is good for you, right? Well, guess what, it’s good for your dog too! Walking your furry friend at least once a day is a must if you want to keep them healthy and happy. But what if you’re too tired? What if it’s too hot? We totally get it. But that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t deserve a walk! Instead, use the following tips and tricks to rock your walk and provide your pup with all the benefits of dog walking.

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The Benefits of Dog Walking

Before we get into the anticipated tips and tricks, let’s review how your dog will benefit from a daily walk. That way. when you don’t feel like taking your furry friend out, you can think about all the benefits that they’re losing out on as a result. We’re sure they will change your mind.

Physical Health

It’s no secret that walking helps keep you and your dog healthy. Regular exercise is an effective way to burn those excess calories and keep your pup physically fit.  Did you feed your dog a biscuit? Help them burn it off with a walk!

Walking your dog helps to improve their joint, digestive, and urinary health too. If your dog lives a sedentary lifestyle for too long, their joints will get stiff. This could lead to future immobility. Like the saying goes: if you don’t use it, you lose it! 

Walking your dog also helps regulate their digestive tract. Providing your pup with routine trips outdoors could prevent constipation and even bladder infections, not to mention indoor accidents that require putting your cleanup skills to use.

Mental and Emotional Health

The benefits of dog walking go way beyond physical health. If your dog gets bored from sitting inside all day, they may resort to destructive behavior like chewing up the couch or surfing the kitchen counters. Prevent these behaviors by taking them outside where they can explore their surroundings, go bird watching (or hunting), and sniff every scent along the way.

Remember, your dog is your best friend. They crave your attention and want to spend quality time with you. Setting aside a little time each day for a walk will deepen your bond and make your dog a whole lot happier and less stressed

Tips and Tricks

Are you now convinced to take your furry friend on a walk no matter what? You should be. Your dog depends on you to take care of them. Don’t let them down!

And don’t worry! We are about to give you all the tips and tricks you need to make rocking your walk a whole lot easier. Let’s get to it!

Prevent Pulling

Does your dog pull you around the neighborhood, effectively walking you instead? Use a front clip harness! Back-clipping harnesses actually promote more pulling. When you pull on the leash to gain control, you direct the dog’s attention away from you. Using a front clip harness will keep them focused on you which means no more pulling!

Smell the Roses

We know it can be annoying to make abrupt stops every 10 seconds, but think about your dog! Loosen the leash and let them sniff their surroundings for some much-needed mental stimulation. Remember the mental health benefits of dog walking? By letting your dog “smell the rose,” you are making their walk more meaningful.

Keep Cool on the Grass

Blistering summer days not only make you uncomfortable, but they make your dog uncomfortable too. Before walking on these days, place your hand on the pavement for at least 5 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog. Instead, take your dog for a walk in the grass or in the woods. This way they still get their exercise while protecting their paws.

Treat Yourself (and Your Dog)

Finally, when you and your dog finish your walk, it’s treat time. Reward them for getting some exercise with a little treat. So even on days that they aren’t feeling motivated to walk, they will still look forward to it thanks to the treat at the end. Also, make sure that their water bowl is filled up for when you return. They will definitely be thirsty!

While your dog is reaping all the benefits of dog walking, pat yourself on the back for being a good companion! You deserve a treat too! Just make sure it’s not the same kind your dog eats.

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You’re Officially a Dog Walk Rock Star!

After applying these tips and tricks to provide your pup with the benefits of dog walking, review your hard work:

Do you have a happy dog? Check. 

Do you have a healthy dog? Check.

Do you have a trained dog? Uh oh. 

If your dog is still chewing up that couch and surfing on those counters, you may need some help. That’s where Beau’s K9 Academy comes in! Our motivated team of dog walking rock stars is eager to lend a hand in correcting your dog’s problematic behavior. From teaching them basic commands to training them for search and rescue, we do it all for your dog! Reach out today to start rocking every aspect of your dog’s life!